Architectural Wrap Prints

I first saw large-scale photography used to produce building wraps when I rode my motorcycle into Berlin in the summer of 2008. I was struck by the use of the media to provide environmental appeal in areas where buildings were in a state of disrepair and to preview the possibility of reinstating historic buildings that were lost during World War 2. The concept being that, in addition to their obvious aesthetic qualities, these representations could serve with a view to gaining support for building projects.

I was already producing images for print onto outdoor display media to be used in banner advertising and felt that this work could naturally extend into the concept of much larger formats to enclose entire buildings. In order to proceed certain technical issues had to be overcome:

  • The image has to be geometrically correct and perfectly matched for the individual application, as even the smallest error viewed at the size of a computer screen will translate into a massive discrepancy once enlarged to the size of a building.
  • In addition to this the photographic post-production process has to be suitable for interpolation to the truly gigantic files required to make this size of print.

The first application of this work can now be seen at the Belfast Harbour Commissioners Office in Corporation Square, Belfast where the renovation process is taking place behind scaffolding which is shrouded in life size images of the building. The clock tower was the first piece installed and the whole front of the building followed a few weeks later. The main frontal image had to be printed in sections and an empty warehouse was hired for the jointing process to be carried out.

About Stephen Potts

Belfast based commercial photographer, incurable petrol-head, yachtsman and labrador lover
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  1. Wow! That is just fantastically mindboggling. I was really amazed reading this post.

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