360 product photography

spinThis is the first test shot on my new 360 rig, software works, hardware works, lighting set-up works – it’s been a long road but I’m delighted!

The next step is to employ software to make these images into a file that allows drag and zoom features, I’m starting into that right now.


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Scientific report shows how commissioned photography gives you more bang for your buck

Danish scientist Dr Jakob Nielsen, who has been applying eye tracking technology to improve web usability, has made a startling discovery about the way images are viewed online – “Some types of pictures are completely ignored. Other types of pictures are treated as important content and scrutinized. Photos of products and real people (as opposed to stock photos of models) often fall into this category.” Continue reading

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SS Nomadic restoration

Great to see so much progress on the Nomadic over the last few weeks and I have been really lucky with the weather for shooting on the ship. This industrial photography pic is the first piece of above deck structure being craned into place and the same week I shot the hot riveting process from start to finish. Unlike 100 years ago, when young boys diced with death and hot coal burners, the rivets are inductively heated now and the hammering is done by air.

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Belfast Sculpture

Northern Ireland Fire and Rescue checking the reach of their appliance, having realised that its only a matter of time before they have to remove someone from Belfast’s new super-sculpture. One fireman commented that whether it’s as simple as local kids figuring out how to climb it or as unpleasant as a suicide taking place on the structure, they will be called to gain access to the incident. This is an example of a Belfast photographer capturing the latest developments in the local community as they happen.

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Why Professional Photographers Cannot Work for Free

I found this excellent answer to requests for free work at http://photoprofessionals.wordpress.com/ where it is available in several languages.

Dear potential photo buyer,

If you have been directed to this page, it is likely that you have requested the use of an image or images for free or minimal compensation. Continue reading

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The economics of digital photography

When images were made using film clients understood that film, processing, proofing, printing and Polaroids would all be appearing on their invoice. With a reusable memory card and delivery by electronic means it is therefore some people’s conclusion that these production costs have been negated. Everyone appreciates the benefits in turnaround from a digital workflow but the industry will be heading down the tubes unless many more understand the economics: Continue reading

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Banner ads – direct action or something else?

Display advertising or banner ads on the web look for all the world like a textbook example or direct action advertising – you see the banner and then click through in direct response to the message – just like the “cut out this coupon and bring it to the store” or “call this free phone number” adverts developed in previous decades. Continue reading

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Introducing the Flip-Side Portrait

Key people are the greatest asset of a successful company and showing them in the best possible light to prospective clients should be a priority. Biographies, qualifications and other details are often provided across a range of media but what about images? If you look around some company websites or literature what you find is pretty variable in quality.

The Flip-Side Portrait works on the same principle that has seen social media being integrated successfully into marketing strategies, I think this breaks down into 3 areas:

  1. If you like someone you are more likely to do business with them.
  2. If you can get to know someone socially it helps build your working relationship.
  3. If a person is interesting they become more three-dimensional in your mind and therefore more memorable.

So the aim of the Flip-Side Portrait is to provide a high quality “at work” picture and an “outside work” image to go with it. These can be used online where the text beside the work picture encourages the viewer to roll their mouse over the image to reveal the other side or in all kinds of printed media where the alternative image adds depth to the person being described. It can also work well in retail photography as well as product and food photography.

This is John McKee, Chief Executive of Linkubator, CEO of Amtec Medical and co-author of “STAR – Leadership Behaviours for Stellar SME Growth” (written with his Father, Will McKee).

And this is John McKee, breeder of saddleback pigs, being watched over by his ever present and always faithful friend, Flash.

Researching this concept has revealed that captains of industry enjoy a diverse range of activities outside work – sailing, motor racing, mountaineering and flying gliders were among the first I encountered when I started to ask around!

It was also interesting to hear how many successful business people spend their own time helping others; the image below is of Mike Mills, former Chairman of Ulster Carpets and Business Angel, speaking to encourage new start-ups and aspiring business people at a “Get Up and Grow Conference” – http://www.seedpse.com/conferences/

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25 Years in the Business!

The 29th of May 1986 was an important milestone for me and the beginning of my career in photography. I started work at Advertising Photography in Belfast, where I served my time working for Tom Russell. These images are scanned from contact prints of the crew on a shoot later that year. It all seems like yesterday (until you look in a mirror) – great memories and great hairstyles…

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Belfast City Hall exhibition featuring the SS Nomadic

After months of work the exhibition is now installed in City Hall and will run throughout May, June and July admission is free.

Many thanks are due to DSD for commissioning the project (and writing the captions) , to Iris Colour for making the panels and to all at City Hall for hosting the exhibition in their magnificent venue.

A preview of the content is available here – http://www.stephenpotts.co.uk/nomadicpres.pdf

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